About the shop

The Edgeley shop serves as retail space, design studio, fitting room and inspiration haven. Situated at the beating heart of Fitzroy’s Gertrude Street, the shop and its eclectic collections have helped to turn the area into a vibrant design destination. Two Edgeley collections are produced per year, as well as a smattering of one-off creations which are offered for sale though the shop. The shop also stocks a selection of hand-picked designers who share the Edgeley ethos, curated by Alice’s expert eye. These include hand-made leather accessories by Tusler, pop art perspex earrings by Doodad and Fandango, the modern minimalism of Nevada Duffy and the wild animal print silk scarves of Cleo Ferin Mercury.

Feel free to peruse the collections, buy off the rack, or join the global ranks of artists and performers who have commissioned custom pieces. Adjustments are available on site, or alternatively a bespoke service is offered to customise to specific requirements, from shape and fit to personalised colours and textures, for the ultimate in tailor-made decadence. Orders take from 10 days to 5 weeks to complete, so plan ahead if you want to be out on the town in a one-off creation.