Fringe Wives Club


What an honour to make the Fringe Wives Club outfits. I mean who could say no to the brief of feminist disco warrior?!

Fringe Wives Club is Tessa Waters, Victoria Falconer & Rowena Hutson: the sequin-clad, champagne-fuelled, award-winning comedy cabaret feminist power trio! Their work is performance activism, exploring diversity and representation, consent, ‘locker-room’ talk and cat-calling, rape culture, queer identity and bodily autonomy in a hilarious, moving and inclusive way. Needless to say I had a blast creating their three unique costumes in shades of pink and purple with accents of subtle gold and silver. A catsuit and two, two-piece ensembles. Covered in sequins and topped with glo-mesh power epaulettes.


Photos by Nicole Cleary



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