Imperial Leather

Imperial Leather dressed by Edgeley

During the first lock down the band Imperial Leather realised they needed new outfits but couldn’t venture into Edgeley for fittings due to Covid-19 restrictions. Instead they dialed up via the world wide web for “virtual consultations” to discuss styles, fabrics, colour and patterns and inspirations! Sketches were drawn, fabric picked out, Ginger wanted a chic French inspired skivvy and beret with hot-pants and a glittery G on the bum. Emma chose a hot pink velvet mini dress and I used a psychedelic printed fabric from a 1960s dress which we re-purposed for an opulent jabot. For Annaliese I designed a saucy 70s style flared jumpsuit with leopard print velvet. We added a boob cut-out for extra drama. For myself I made a very glam rock-esque hot-pants jumpsuit with lime / black zebra collar and cuffs. Ta-dah! Lockdown was over and we all had new outfits for our first gig!!!
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Photos by Eryca Green
Thank you to Creative Victoria for their support developing the Edgeley virtual consultation service.