Lauren and Adam elope in VEGAS

Custom Brides

Lauren’s email to me went like this “ADAM AND I ARE ELOPING woohoo. Our holiday to Japan was cancelled so we thought let’s go to Hawaii and then I said ‘well Vegas is just across the way let’s get hitched’ and now we are booked to be married by a show girl dressed as a pink elephant. Naturally we want to look fab and it wouldn’t be the same without an Edgeley look. But I might need your help. I’m looking for an outfit, catsuit, completely inspired by the Sicilian Widow Catsuit to shoot in the desert. Do you have any fabrics that might be suitable? I’m not 100% decided on the shape of the catsuit but I know I want lace and nipples and probably bell bottoms. I think that will be good for my shape. A little bit of Elvis but a lot of Edgeley”

This is what we came up with. An iridescent sequin halter neck jumpsuit with flared legs, and for Adam I made black sequined pants which he teamed with a sheer black shirt. I love these wedding photos and am so happy to have made these gorgeous people their wedding outfits.